Serial #14 Type CL-44D4-1

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Registration Date Event Operator Remarks
CF-MYC-X 13.03.1961 First flight Canadair Ltd.
N124SW 13.07.1961 Delivery Seaboard World Airlines First commercial service JFK-FRK 24.07.1961
N124SW 05.01.1966 Leased Flying Tiger Line
N124SW Returned Seaboard World Airlines Aircraft was returned stripped of paint
G-AWUD 22.11.1968 New owner Transglobe Airways Registration never taken up.
N124SW 19.12.1968 Returned Seaboard World Airlines The Transglobe deal did not go through and the aircraft was returned.
N124SW 05.06.1969 Leased Trans Mediterranean Airways
N124SW 30.06.1969 Stored Seabaord World Airlines Aircraft was returned to SW and stored.
TF-CLA 28.01.1971 Leased Cargolux Airlines S.A. Leased to cover the loss of TF-LLG (#36)
TF-CLA 01.05.1972 New owner Cargolux Airlines S.A.
TR-LWF 24.03.1976 New owner SOACO
TR-LWF 01.10.1977 Leased Air Charters S.A.
TR-LWF 21.03.1978 Stored SOACO Withdrawn from use stored at Findel Airport in Luxembourg
HC-BHS 15.11.1980 New owner Aeca Carga
HC-BHS 19.01.1982 Landing incident Aeca Carga Landing incident in Miami, FL. Damaged beyond repair.
HC-BHS Broken up Aeca Carga Scrapped in Miami
On 19th of January 1982 HC-BHS landed with an unsafe gear indication at Miami International Airport. The gear partially retracted during the rollout and the plane was damaged beyond repair since the swingtail mechanism was broken. It had been parked in Miami for some time, when one wing was cut of and used to repair N104BB which had been damaged in Boston after a main gear had retracted. It stood for years with one wing in Miami until it was scrapped.