Serial #21 Type CL-44D4-2

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Registration Date Event Operator Remarks
CF-NNE-X 17.05.1961 First flight Canadair Ltd.
N452T 04.07.1961 Delivery Flying Tiger Line
G-ATZH 20.09.1966 Leased Transglobe Airways Registered but never delivered.
N452T 04.05.1967 New registration Flying Tiger line Aircraft returned on N452T registration
N452T 1970 Stored Flying Tiger Line
N452T 29.01.1972 New owner Trans Meridian Air Cargo Delivered LAX - Stansted and to Southend on 02.02.1972.
G-ATZH 07.03.1972 New registration Trans Meridian Air Cargo At first a wrong registration was applied. G-ATHZ. Corrected and ferried to Stansted on 13.03.1972 and stored
XV196 01.08.1972 Special event Trans Meridian Air Cargo Painted in RAF colours and used for film casting
G-ATZH 09.08.1975 Put in operation Trans Meridian Air Cargo Aircraft was used for spares for long time and was rebuilt since 01.02.1974. Airworthness certificate issued 08.08.1975
G-ATZH 02.09.1977 Written off Trans Meridian Air Cargo Crashed into sea during emergency landing after loosing part of the wing and engine #4 due to an uncontained fire during take off from Hong Kong Kai Tak.
Just after take-off the crew had a no.4 engine failure. The prop was feathered, but the fire developed. The crew tried to return to the airport but the uncontained engine fire caught the aircraft fuel system eventually resulting in a massive external fire. Just 8 minutes after take-off the fire had cut its way through the firewall and into the wing, resulting the wing structure to fail and separate. The aircraft went down like a torch and crashed into the sea few miles short of the runway.