On this page you find a selection of Models, Toys and other memorabilia I have collected over the years.
If you have a story to tell about the presented items of you have a CL44 related item you would like to see published here, please contact me at peter@cl44.com

I found a few pictures of this great CL44 model, the text said it was restored, so I guess it was one of the old sale models of Canadair Ltd in the sixties. If you are the owner, please contact me at the address above.

There seems to be another cutaway model, probably 1:72 and made of steel and chrome.

The same aircraft has the honour to be the only CL44 ever issued on a mail stamp.

Collectors Models Uk has issued 1:200 die-cast models of CL44 's in the colours of Flying Tigers, Seaboard World, Heavylift and TMAC.



Found these two AD's on the Internet, one of Flying tiger 1962 and the other by GD 1958


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